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              Communications Manager 傳訊部經理

              • 國際五星級酒店  |
              • 500人以上  |
              • 2021-07-22

                不限工作經驗  不限學歷   招若干人  性別:不限
                不限 不限 不限   年齡:不限



              電 話:8621-22831636
              聯 系 人:人力資源部
              地 址:上海市靜安區威海路380號


              A Place Apart in the Heart of Shanghai
              "We are not hiring for skills, we are hiring for attitude, individuality, personality and passion. What’s your passion? Come and talk to us"
              Marcel N.A. Holman, General Manager, The Sukhothai Shanghai
              上海素凱泰酒店總經理Marcel N.A. Holman寄語:“除了專業技能之外,您的態度、個性和熱情更值得我們關注!來吧,揮灑您的熱情,加入我們的團隊!”
              The Sukhothai Hotels & Resorts service culture are defined by the 22 diamond droplets forming the Chedi design on the hotel’s logo that signify our 22 experience-enhancing touchpoints that are impeccably curated by our associates. Each drop of diamond, meticulously polished to an identical marquise shape and seemingly finding its own position within the whole, represents the individual qualified hotel associates who are passionate in delivering a personable service to emotionally engage with our discerning guests.
              The Sukhothai Shanghai, a contemporary lifestyle hotel conveniently located at HKRI Taikoo Hui in the vibrant Jingan district, opened in April 2018. The 201-rooms hotel will marks the first foray into Mainland China’s hospitality scene by the prestigious Sukhothai Hotels & Resorts.
              The Sukhothai Shanghai features 201 tastefully-designed rooms and suites. Poised to become the city’s sought-after lifestyle dining venues are La Scala, a Michelin-starred Italian restaurant; URBAN Café & Lounge presenting Southeast Asian cuisines and an extensive labels of premium gin and tonics; The ZUK Bar a haven for connoisseurs of artisanal beverages and a casual modern-café, Beans & Grapes for dine-in or grab-and-go for a wholesome comfort meal or refreshments. The Sukhothai Shanghai also features a versatile and multi-purpose events space up to 450 square metres, a state-of-the-art fitness studio that overlooks the 25-metre indoor heated pool and a spa, The Retreat.
              酒店擁有201間設計獨到、設施齊備的客房和套房。五間別具一格的餐廳和酒吧將被打造成城中美食地標。包括由客席米其林大廚主理的La Scala意大利餐廳;主打東南亞菜式的全日餐廳URBAN 咖啡廳以及提供豐富金湯力酒酒單的URBAN酒廊;ZUK吧白天提供輕食簡餐,夜晚化身成為時尚酒吧,提供一系列美味小食和手工調制雞尾酒。Beans & Grapes 供應堂食或外帶的輕怡健康之選。富有現代設計感的會議場地總面積達450平方米。健身中心配備先進的健身設施,另設一個25米長的室內恒溫游泳池及The Retreat水療中心。
              To make this journey possible, we are seeking highly energetic team members with passion and keen to make a different being it service, food art, artisan beverages and more.

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