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              Cohost 上..


              Director of Business Development 市場拓展總監

              Cohost 上海后社物業管理有限公司
              上海市 靜安區
              • 物業及服務式公寓  |
              • 50-150人  |
              • 2021-07-22

                五年以上工作經驗  本科學歷   招1人  性別:不限
                英語 精通   年齡:不限


              • Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, hotel and tourism management, legal affairs, etc .;
              • Proficiency in both oral and written English.
              • More than 3 years working experience in business development, negotiation, and cooperation, with commercial real estate related resources preferred; quick access to market information required by the company;
              • Familiar with business development process, good at capturing customer needs, keen market insight, excellent business negotiation skills, and strong interpersonal and public relations ability;
              • Be willing to accept challenges and maintain good working condition under great pressure;
              • Possess good execution ability; strong project management ability, able to operate negotiating projects independently.


              聯 系 人:Human Resources
              地 址:上海市徐匯區百色路218號,浦東新區百業路178號


              Cohost是一個以合居為理念的長租公寓品牌, 專注于為我們的社區成員提供優質的設計、共享的社區和健康的生活。我們是一個年輕且充滿活力的團隊, 嘗試用不同的方式思考問題。我們正在尋找合適的人來共同創造這一旅程。

              Cohost is a community of long term co-living apartments for our members focused on good design, shared community and healthy living. We are a young, dynamic team who challenge ourselves to think differently, and we are looking for the right people to help create the journey together.

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